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Relive the 2016 Norfolk JA Days! One Week, 5,000 elementary school students, a lifetime of memories.

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JA in the Classroom

Junior Achievement has been promoting business education since 1919, first through an after-school secondary program, and later through in-school partnerships with educators. The cumulative impact on students worldwide is currently nearly 80 million, and it's growing.

The impact is measurable, too. Students who participate in Junior Achievement programs demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts, particularly those who participate in programs at consecutive grade levels, according to independent evaluators.

Three Pillars

JA programming focuses on: Entrepreneurship | Work Readiness | Financial Literacy.

Our Programs

Junior Achievement program content is tailored to meet the educational needs of youth from Kindergarten through 12th Grade with dynamic, engaging, activity based lessons.  Our unique delivery system provides the training, materials, and support necessary to bolster the chances for student success. Pre-designed and self-contained materials are provided free of charge to schools and educational clubs in Hampton Roads.  They provide educators with two exciting choices for instructional modes:

Blended Learning Programs

Provide students access to digitized learning experiences in addition to interaction with instructors.

Kit-Based Programs

Packaged in carry-all bags containing lessons guides and tones of tangible learning materials.


Teachers invite Junior Achievement into their classrooms because JA volunteers and materials support educators by providing an exciting learning environment that gives students a real-world perspective.  JA program content aligns with curriculum standards and state competencies to help students achieve teachers' learning objectives while reducing the lesson planning burden.


Volunteers lead the majority of Junior Achievement's curriculum content.  They set JA apart because they share real-world experiences and set an example that helps kids bridge the gap between what they learn in school and what they can expect from the world beyond.

JA’s elementary school programs are the foundation of its K-12 curricula. Six sequential themes, each with five hands-on activities, as well as an after-school and capstone experience, work to change students’ lives by helping them understand business and economics.

The middle grades programs build on concepts the students learned in Junior Achievement’s elementary school program and help teens make difficult decisions about how to best prepare for their educational and professional future. The programs supplement standard social studies curricula and develop communication skills that are essential to success in the business world.

As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement’s high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about their future, and foster skills that will be highly useful in the business world.