Elementary School Programs


Kindergarten: JA Ourselves
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Ourselves introduces young children to the economic roles of individuals. Compelling stories read by a volunteer and hands-on activities teach students about helping, working, and earning and saving money.

Concepts - Barter, Benefit, Buying, Choices, Consumer, Costs, Earning, Entrepreneurs, Giving, Goods, Incentives, Income, Money, Resources, Rewards, Saving, Scarcity, Selling, Spending, Voluntary Exchange, Wants, Work

Skills - Abstract Thinking, Coin Recognition, Decision Making, Drawing, Following Directions, Interpreting Symbols, Listening Responsively, Matching, Responsibility, Sequencing, Teamwork


First Grade: JA Our Families
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Our Families introduces students to entrepreneurship and how family members' jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the family.

Concepts - Business, Choices, Consumers, Economic Institutions, Employment, Family, Incentives, Income, Interdependence, Jobs, Needs, Resources, Scarcity, Skills, Tools, Voluntary Exchange, Wants, Work

Skills - Analyzing Information, Decision Making, Differentiating, Drawing, Following Directions, Interpreting Symbols, Listening Responsively, Making Observations, Map Reading, Matching, Teamwork



Second Grade: JA Our Community
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Our Community  allows students, through hands-on activities, to learn about workers, the work they perform, why workers are paid, what taxes are and how they are used, and how and where to save money.

Concepts - Banking, Business, Choices, Circular Flow of Money, Community, Division of Labor, Economic Institutions, Goods, Government, Incentives, Interdependence, Jobs, Money, Productivity, Taxes

Skills - Comparing, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Identifying Choices, Listening Responsively, Making Observations, Matching, Problem Solving, Role Playing, Teamwork


Third Grade: JA Our City
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Our City introduces students to the basics of financial literacy, the characteristics of cities, and how people and businesses in cities manage their money.

Concepts - Banking, Business, Careers, City, Consumer, Economic Institutions, Entrepreneur, Incentives, Income, Jobs, Money, Producers, Quality, Resources, Skills, Specialization, Zones

Skills - Applying Information, Conducting Research, Decision Making, Filling out Forms, Interpreting Directions, Map Reading, Math Computations, News Writing, Role Playing, Teamwork


Fourth Grade: JA Our Region
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

What does it take to operate a successful business in your area? In JA Our Region, students examine regional and state resources and supply chains, and they solve problems by weighing risks and potential rewards. JA classroom volunteers show how resources are combined to create goods and services.

Concepts - Business, Choices, Economy, Exchange, Expenses, Goods, Incentives, Income, Investment, Products, Profit, Region, Resources, Risk, Scarcity, Services, Specialization, Taxes

Skills - Comparing, Compiling Data, Conducting Research, Decision Making, Differentiating, Giving Reports, Interpreting Data, Math Computations, Problem Solving, Reading, Teamwork, Understanding Symbols.


Fifth Grade: JA Our Nation
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Our Nation provides practical information about the need for people who can meet the demands of the 21st century job market. Students will learn that businesses are actively seeking workers with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They'll understand that people who have these STEM skills benefit from a growing number of opportunities in what are called high-growth, high-demand careers.

Concepts - Advertising, Capital Resources, Career Preparation, Communication, Competition, Corporation, Demand, Employees, Employers, Engineering, Entrepreneur, Free Enterprise, Global Competition, Goods, High-Growth & High-Demand Jobs, Human Resources, Natural Resources, Opportunity Costs, Partnerships, Price, Products, Profit, Resources, Resume, Scarcity, Services, Skills, Sole Proprietorship, Specialization, Stock, Stockholders, Supply, Technology, Technophile, Technophobe

Skills - Addition and Subtraction, Brainstorming, Conceptualizing and Designing Advertisements, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Drawing Conclusions, Estimating, Evaluation, Following Directions, Graphing and Graph Interpretation, Listening, Map Reading, Problem Solving, Reading and Writing, Reasoning, Role Playing, Teamwork, Verbal Communication, Working in Groups.


3rd-5th: JA More than Money
{Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, Financial Literacy | 5 volunteer-led sessions | Kit-Based}

JA More than Money  will meet the after-school programming needs of a diverse group of students by providing engaging, academically enriching, and experiential-learning sessions in economic education.

Concepts - Advertising, Banking, Business Planning, Consumer, Deposit, Earn, Employee, Estimate, Expense, Goods, Income, Market Research, Money Management, Profit, Role Model, Save, Self-Employed, Service, Share, Spend, Withdrawal, Work Ethic.

Skills - Active Listening, Analysis, Applying Information, Brainstorming, Chart Data, Following Written and Verbal Instructions, Group Work, Mind Mapping, Problem Solving, Recording Deposits and Withdrawals, Role Playing, Self Assessment, Taking Turns, Teamwork, Vocabulary Building