JA Be Entrepreneurial
{Entrepreneurship | 7 Volunteer-Led Sessions | Kit-Based}

JA Be Entrepreneurial challenges students to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school by developing the essential components of a business plan.

Concepts - Advertisement, Business Plan, Competitive Advantages, Customer, Demographic, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Ethical Dilemma, Ethics, Financing, Franchise, Long & Short Term Consequences, Management, Market, Market Needs, Marketing, Nonprofit Business, Product, Product Development, Profit, Social Entrepreneur, Social Responsibility, Stakeholder, Voting

Skills - Analyzing Information, Business Planning, Categorizing Data, Decision making, Evaluating Alternatives, Expressing Multiple Viewpoints, Graphic Presentation, Oral and Written communication, Presenting Information, Reading for Understanding, Weighing Consequences, Working in Groups, Working in Pairs


JA Company Program
{Entrepreneurship | 13 Sessions (3-5 Volunteer-Led) | Blended Learning}

JA's flagship program challenges students to work together to launch their own startup. Exceptional mentors guide companies from cradle to grave: from ideation to capitalization; from production to liquidation.  A novel blended learning approach gives students 24/7 access to the program and encounters with the bleeding edge of authentic entrepreneurial experiences, including crowdfunding and e-commerce.

Concepts - Annual Report, Business Plan, Capitalization, Company Structure, Entrepreneurial Facts and Myths, Entrepreneurial Traits, Financial Tools, Launching a Company, Leadership, Liquidation, Marketing, Personal Action Plan, Pitch, Product Development Process, Product and Service Evaluation, Quality Control, Sale Techniques, Supply Chain, SWOT Analysis

Skills - Accountability, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Decision Making, Idea Development, Leadership, Product Evaluation, Public Speaking, Sales, Self Assessment, Synthesizing, Evaluating Information, Teamwork


JA Job Shadow
{Work Readiness | 3 Teacher-Led Sessions, 1 Workplace Visit | Printed Guide}

JA Job Shadow meets the needs of a diverse group of high school students by providing engaging, academically enriching, and experiential learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives.

Concepts - Career Cluster, Interests, Interview, Reflection and Evaluation, Resume, Skills

Skills - Analyzing and Interpreting Information, Brainstorming, Critical Thinking, Oral and Written Communication, Public Speaking, Self Assessment, Setting Goals, Working in Groups


JA Finance Park Virtual
{Financial Literacy | 13 Teacher-Led Sessions, 1 Volunteer Session | Blended Learning} 

JA's capstone in financial literacy helps students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal financial decisions through hands-on, realistic simulation experiences.  The program includes in-school activities culminating in the JA Finance Park simulation, followed by a post-simulation assessment.  Teachers can choose between a traditional method of delivery and project-based learning.

Concepts - Banking, Budgets, Buying, Careers, Choices, Consumers, Credit, Debt, Exchange, Expenses, Income, Interest Rates, Investments, Money, Opportunity Costs, Saving, Scarcity, Social Security, Taxes

Skills - Analysis, Applying Information, Budgeting, Cause and Effect, Critical Thinking, Computation, Data Collection, Decision Making, Filling out Forms, Following Directions, Graphing, Interpersonal Communication, Interpreting Data, Listening, Negotiation, Observation, Planning, Problem Solving, Reading, Research, Role Playing, Spending, Taking Responsibility, Teamwork