Volunteer with JA

At Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, we believe in the boundless potential of young people.  We believe in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning. And we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration.

Informed by these core values, we have made community volunteers central to our mission. Volunteers set JA apart because they share real-world experiences and set an example that helps kids bridge the gap between what they learn in school and what they can expect from the world beyond.

What does a JA Volunteer Do?

Community volunteers go into the classroom and teach students about managing money, thinking entrepreneurially, and preparing for the workforce.  Volunteers dedicate 30-45 minutes per lesson to teach children about these concepts through hands-on, interactive instruction, games, and reading materials. All materials needed, including a step-by-step lesson guide, are included in each volunteer program kit or blended learning module.

How much time do I need to commit?

We have opportunities to meet every schedule, from one-time visits that last just 90 minutes, to seven-lesson programs that allow you to build strong rapport with a class.  Our staff can also work with you to accommodate your schedule as necessary.  Please see a summary of time commitments for some of our most popular programs below.  To see specific classes, please click on the Volunteer Opportunities button above.

  • Elementary School Programs: Five Lessons | One/Week | 30 Minutes
  • Middle School Programs: Six Lessons | One/Week | 45 Minutes
  • High School Programs: Seven Lessons | One/Week | 45 - 60 Minutes
  • JA Company Program: 3-5 Volunteer Visits & Online Interaction | Flexible Scheduling | 90 Minutes
  • JA Finance Park: 1 Volunteer Visit | 90 Minutes

How do I prepare to volunteer?

Our friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced staff provide a brief training session to each volunteer.  These training sessions typically last about 30 minutes and familiarize volunteers with program content, what they can expect in the classroom, and a number of strategies they can employ to enhance the experience for the students and for themselves.

Where can I volunteer?

Last year, we partnered with more than 60 elementary, middle, and high schools - and more than 20 student club organizations - throughout Hampton Roads. We can connect you to a school near you or even establish a relationship with a new site based on your recommendation.

Who Volunteers with JA?

JA volunteers come from all walks of life. But they all have a common vision: sharing a message of hope and opportunity with each and every young person they reach.

Through volunteer partnerships from organizations large and small, or individuals interested in sharing their experiences with the children of their community, JA's classroom volunteers inspire, prepare, and empower. Volunteers need not have any prior teaching experience - just enthusiasm!

If you are already a JA volunteer, we thank you. It's your effort and selfless dedication that truly makes a difference. If you haven't yet had the opportunity, we hope you sign up today. The impact will last a lifetime.

Whether you serve in our nation's military, own your own business, or run a Fortune 500 company, we have an opportunity to match your interest. We seek volunteers who have personal or professional experience in one of our three pillars: financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness.

Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads volunteers out and about in our community.